Auris Nasus Larynx is the official English-language journal of the Japanese Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Inc., that was founded in 1974. The scope of the journal is to provide an opportunity for researchers to publish articles concerning the fundamental and clinical aspects of otorhinolaryngology and related fields, including otology, neurotology, audiology, speech sciences and pathology, bronchoesophagology, dysphagia, laryngology, rhinology, allergology, head and neck oncology, and maxillofacial and plastic surgery. It is open not only to ENT doctors, but also to professionals in related fields, such as audiologists, speech pathologists, etc.
      In 2022, we received 1089 submissions. The number of submissions is increasing year by year. However, the online publication time has been shortened. According to the statistics published in, the review speed for the first and final decisions were 2.5 and 4.4 weeks, respectively. First online publication was 2.6 weeks and final online publication was 27.7 weeks. The impact factor was 2.119 and the acceptance rate was 14.8%. The published articles were downloaded around the world.
      It is my great honor to take the Editor-in-Chief of Auris Nasus Larynx after Prof. Yukio Katori. Because of his great editorship and efforts, the periods of peer review have been shortened and the impact factor has increased.
      We are striving to continue to improve the quality of the journal. Case reports would be accepted when they contain new, interesting findings or are informative and educational. Original articles with intriguing results and intense discussions on either basic or clinical research are also welcome. We shall publish more review articles. In addition to the review articles written by invited researchers or clinicians with high international reputation, review articles of high quality from other researchers are also very welcome.
      In order to enhance the efficacy and quality of our reviews, we have revised and decided to expand our editorial board. We are glad to announce that Prof. Tadashi Kitahara will lead the editorial committee as a Deputy Editor in cooperation with Prof. Yukio Katori as an Executive Board Member. Prof. Ken Ito, Prof. Kenji Okami, Prof. Nobuo Ohta, Prof. Yoshihiko Kumai, Prof. Toru Seo, Dr. Eri Mori, Dr. Yuka Morita, and Prof. Masaru Yamashita will assist Prof. Kitahara as new Associate Editors. Homma, the Editor-in-Chief, is ever indebted to the domestic and international editorial board members, as well as to the voluntary reviewers who offer their time and expertise to allow the review process to proceed in a timely manner. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the people contributing to the improvement of our journal.