Authors’ reply to: Comment on the article by Dr. Mei-Fwa Wong: COVID-19 presenting as acute epiglottitis: A case report and literature review

Published:January 09, 2023DOI:
      Dear Dr. Min-Po Ho,
      I appreciate your comments on our paper.
      Epiglottitis caused by COVID-19 seems to be characterized by necrotic-like lesion like those caused by tuberculosis. We believe that primary cause was not an ACE-related angioedema, but severe inflammation accompanied by erosion. We have recently found similar lesions in several patients with COVID-19-induced epiglottitis. Although ACE-related angioedema might be associated with epiglottitis, we will need further study.
      Epiglottitis, a life-threatening disease, would be a hint to predict an onset of COVID-19-induced pneumonia.